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Nordanstigs county /  kommun

Sveriges hembygdsförbund / Swedens homestead organisation

Welcome to Gnarp's homestead society's homesite!

Välkommen till Gnarps Hembygdsförenings hemsida!  Svensk version.

On this homepage our society is being presented. On the swedish site we also have information about our activities.

Here are some pictures from our folk museum on the hill Bersberget in central Gnarp: 

Anders-Svensgården; an old farm house

Danielsgården; another old farm house

Bostuga; a cabin from a chalet

Brandmuseum; Fire museum

Härbre; a supply depot for eatables


Between the 26th of June and the 2nd of August the folk museum is held open for visitors at at Tuesdays between 16.30-19, Wednesdays 12-15 and Thursdays 19-21.

At the museum you can look at old houses and things, take part in our activities and dance evenings or just stroll around and perhaps have a cup of coffee.

You can also rent houses for partys, dinners etc. between the first of June and the last of August.


Council members 2018:

Bodil Östman, Alvar Bydén, Camilla Karlsson, Helena Andersson, Bertil Sundin, Britt Åslin, (one vacancy).




Gnarps Hembygds- och Fornminnesförening,

Gammelgårdsvägen 9,

S - 820 77 Gnarp.


The seal of Gnarps parish from 1651.





Questions and comments can be sent to Bertil Sundin, mail:
bertil.sundin – at   telia.com