This is a place for members of our society.

The site has information about villages in and people with connection to the swedish county of Nordanstig; which consists of the following parishes: Bergsjö, Gnarp, Harmånger, Hassela, Ilsbo and Jättendal.

The county is situated in the middle of Sweden; about 300 km north of Stockholm; in a part, "landskap", called Hälsingland, and in the "län" (apprx. state) of Gävleborg.

Maps over the parishes and villages can be found on the Map page.

You are welcome to ask questions and to send messages on our guestbook page.

A summary of our pages:


Om föreningen (About the society)

History in short: The society was grounded in 1994 in order to promote genealogy and other historical research in the home district of Nordanstig. At the end of 1994 the number of members were 76, in the year 2005 the number was 357. On the swedish page you can also read the society’s constitution. Finally, there is a list of the Board Members. For 2010 the board is as follows:

Chairman: Bertil Sundin (IT)

Vice chairman: Harriet Frändén

Treasurer: Maj-Britt Johansson

Secretary: Åke Norberg

Other board members: Lage Bergvik (Pictures), Yvonne Elfving, Ellinor Johansson and Karin Larsson (Editors of NBS-nytt), Jan Wallin (Press).


Aktiviteter (Activities)

First we declare our forthcoming activities. We present the loan conditions for the society’s material. Finally, we encourage members to send files, printed material and pictures to our editor for presentation in our magazine.


Om Genealogi (About Genealogy)

Under "Tips och hjälp" (Help) we give you some introduction to Genealogy and links to the site "Rötter" (Roots) and our links page.

At the end of this page we have links to different Genealogist’s programmes.


Länkar (Links)

On this page we gather links about Genealogy in common and specially those with connection to Nordanstig. In the part "Bygdforskning" there are links to pages not oriented on Genealogy; but more on Home District Research. If you have a good link that will fit in this page, mail Bertil!


Karta (Map)

On this page there are maps of Nordanstig and the parishes Hassela, Bergsjö, Ilsbo, Harmånger, Jättendal and Gnarp. Maps from around 1900 are available!


Page updated January 4th 2011